Friday, 1 March 2013

S&W Lesson For 28 Feb and 29 Feb

Sorry for posting late...
So, YHP please post your reflections here...
No questions today...


  1. 1) We should not spin if we are not confident of it.
    2) We should hold the discus with the thumb and our index finger.
    3) When we throw, we must throw the discus at a 60 degree angle(smelling our armpits)

  2. Hi Victoria,
    Think it is not about confident here , my apologies, I think i should not have introduced spin to the class in the first place. Anyone could have dropped it like you did therefore i decided to not intro in class.
    Anyway hope you will enjpy javelin better.:)

  3. 1) We should throw the discus at a 40 degrees angle and make sure the discus is spinning clockwise after it leaves the hand. The discus should be hold correctly too.

  4. We have to lean back and then throw the discus so that the discus lands further.