Tuesday, 9 April 2013

T2 W1 Pace running record

Dear class,

Please calculate your target for each round.
And comment your average pace( time taken per round) in this post.

T2W3 Endurance training

Dear Class,

I am very glad all of your updated your timing expect WALTER.:)
I have updated the 6th round timing.
Do look if you have kept to your expected time.

Next week be ready to key in the timing for your 7th round.

W4 - 7 rounds
W5 - 7 3/4 rounds
W6 - common test
W7 - NAPFA Week!


Monday, 1 April 2013

T1W2 Endurance Training

Dear Class,

1) Please key in the timing of your runs here.
2) Calculate your average ( NOTE: you have to do it manually, cause you are getting min:sec, not decimals)
3) Compare how far you are from the target set.

PLEASE only key in your own results, do not make amendments to others.
Thank you.