Saturday, 23 February 2013

Yellow House Reflection 22 Feb

Hi Yellow House,
Please do your reflection for 22nd Feb S&W lesson.
Questions to take note:
1) What do you think of the discus?
2) What are some things to take note?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yellow House Reflection for 21 Feb

Please do your reflections!
Questions to take note while doing your reflection:
1) What do you think of today's shot put activity?
2) What do you think are some of the things to take note when doing shot put?
3) What do you think you can improve on?
Pls remember to do the reflections!

Blue House, post your reflections in the comments for 21/2/13

21/2/13 Black House, please comment your reflections below.

Monday, 18 February 2013

YHP who have not submitted their reflections


SIM HNG ANH please submit your reflections by tomorrow for the S&W lesson on 15 Feb and the rest of the reflections.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Yellow House Reflection(15 Feb)

Yellow House, please do your reflections here.
Some questions to take note:
1. What is the most important thing during hurdles?
2. Why do you think Miss Lim asked us to determine our leading leg?
3. How do you ensure that you jump over the hurdles without knocking the hurdles down?
 Please do your reflections by 17 Feb 12 am latest.
Please bring a recording device for the next S&W lesson on Thursday.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Red house reflections (14/2)

Urgh Ravern didn't post the reflection thing

Red house please comment your reflection for 14/2 (hurdles)


Reflection 14/02/2013

Black House people please comment your reflections below.

YHP who haven't done their reflection

Hi Yellow House People.
  Those who have not done the reflections for today's (14 Feb) S&W lesson please do it by 16 Feb 12 am latest. Those people who haven't post yet are the following:

Thanks! >.<


Yellow House ppl pls comment your reflections for today's hurdles with Mr Lam in the comment section below. tks

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Thursday, 7 February 2013

High Jump

This is the video for Ravern and Kevyn's High Jump.

Shot Put Question (Only 1)

What is the relationship between movement concept (Body motion) and executing an efficient technique of shotput propelling to OPTIMISE performance? How is it done?

There is a video to share. Hopefully coaches next week can give constructive comments to assist your athlete. Note timing at '2.16' onwards.


Pei Ling's High Jump


Video below is my jump...

Pei Ling's Jump

Claire's High Jump (070213)

Hello, below are the high jump videos.

Claire's Jump (with the pole)
Claire's Successful Jump (My phone cut this video into only the takeoff part. So the running part is missing.)

Vanshiqa's High Jump for S&W Practice

Bhakti's High jump for S&W practice

Bryan's High Jump

                            this is Bryan's best high jump

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Chin Ning - High Jump

Seraphina - High Jump

Reflection for 7/FEB/2013

People please post your reflections here.There is no need for the house reps to create a reflection for each respective houses.Have a nice day

S&W Lesson(7 Feb 2013)

Hi Victoria here again~~
From now on,  I will post all of Yellow House Reflections(YHR).
YHP, please do these reflections, the previous reflection has only 2 comments. Please do your reflections especially Hng Anh, Kevyn and Walter.
The questions are:
1)What are your reflections for today's S&W lesson?
2) What do you think of today's activity(the coach and athlete activity)?
3)What do you think you can improve on?

Signing off,



Yellow House please post your reflections here.

Monday, 4 February 2013

YHP's late reflection for S&W lesson on 31 Jan 2013

Hi Yellow House People(YHP), Victoria here... Sorry for the very very late post because blur Kevyn forgotten to post our house's reflection so I am going to do it now.
Question (1) What are your reflections for the S&W Lesson on 31 January?
Question (2) What are some of the things to take note during high jump?
Question (3) Why do you think we are doing high jump?

Thanks Yellow House People(YHP)
Signing Off
P.S No credits to Kevyn for this...