Wednesday, 30 January 2013

High Jump Question 2

How do I execute a Straddle Jump or Scissors Jump?
(Give me the pointers)
Do let me know which you like to try next lesson.

High Jump Question 1

How can I execute an efficient biomechanics and techniques of high jump to optimise performance?

Announcement 31st Jan (Thursday)

  1. Have a partner by next session  (Who will be your coach to give feedbacks)
  2. Bring a recorder device ( for coach to show the athlete how he/she jumped)
  3. Think about High jump with the 2 questions i am going to post. Please give/post your comments before next lesson.

Thank you

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What I have learnt in the lesson

What I have learnt is we must be alert, be quick and most important of all, be truthful as some people were caught when they did not realise they were suppose to run but I also agree that it was quite messy. Therefore, next time we must be alert and everyone should coordinate.

Homework: 28.jan.13

I learnt that teamwork and cooperation is important for many things. We should also be able to communicate with each other for better cooperations.

What I learned from today's S&W lesson

I learned that everyone needs to be coordinated in order for us to be able to carry out an activity or do something

Monday, 28 January 2013

Schedule for W4 to W8

Dear S1-07,

The table below will show the schedule from 2nd lesson of this week onwards.
The 1st lesson of the week, will always be a practice activity of the sport we tried the previous week.

Houses in charge of the event will lead in 3 things for 2 S&W lessons.

1) Warm up - 3 rounds (2 rounds as a class & last round sprint as individual)
2) Revisit the Safety Aspect you have research, Dos and Don'ts
3) Ensure SAFETY at all time.

(2nd Lesson)
High Jump
Indoor Sports Hall
In front of ISH
Shot Put
Side grass patch
Grass patch (Carpark)

Thank you


I think todays lesson was about responsibility, integrity, active participation and commitment

what i have learnt in s and w

today during s and w i have learnt that you need to be alert of your surroundings and you need to have teamwork and be able to co-operate well with your acquaintances. You also need to be able to communicate well in order to get a clear message through to the other person.
physically :
i learnt how to
- train for sit and reach
- train for shuttle run [ turning and strength]

What I have learnt in S&W

Today there were many activities conducted during S&W. One of the activities was standing up without using hands with our buddies.It was quite hard but we may be able to do it if we co-ordinate properly. We also did some stretches with our buddy to improve on some of our Napfa components. Lastly we played a game that helps to improve our awareness around us.
I learnth how to be alert of our surroundings and teamwork is very important

Reflections on what i learnt during todays's S&W lesson

 I have learnt that teamwork is very important in many types of activities. I have also learnt many different ways to improve in my NAPFA test. For the last game we played, I had learnt that awareness is also very important as the catchers kept changing and we had to be aware to know who is the current catcher.
Today, I learnt that teamwork and co-operation was important in todays few games. I improved on my awareness skills as I needed to be aware on who the catcher was.

Reflection (280113)

In today's activity, I have learnt to be alert and some techniques of dodging.
I learnt that teamwork and cooperation is important in today's activity. With both of these qualities, we could complete our activities and also have fun at the same time. Communication and understanding were equally important as well.


Today I learned teamwork and exercises to help us in some of the station in NAPFA.I learned that with teamwork,things can be done quite easily.The back support activity was quite fun and we managed to stand up just by supporting each other.I also learned about awareness.The 'linking' game we played was quite interesting and there will always be different catchers,So we must always be aware of who the catcher is.

What I learnt today

I learned that teamwork is a very important skill as we need teamwork to complete many tasks and without teamwork, some tasks can't be completed.

What I Learnt today during S&W

I learnt today Teamwork, from the exercise where we had to sit down and lean on another person's back and stand up without hands, which we learn nearly every week just through the 2 rounds of jogging around the field. Focus, which we needed a lot in the last game to not get caught by the catcher. Thinking outside the box, from the other exercises through using a different method to train our body to be good in that area and not the normal method(eg: Sit and Reach Practice. Instead of trying to reach your legs all the time we can actually ask a friend to help us hold our back straight while we try to lean back for around 8 seconds and then try to reach our legs again.)
From today's exercise, I learnt that teamwork is important as it allows us to do better. We should think of strategies so that you would not be caught.
today I learned about teamwork from S&W

Monday, 14 January 2013

S&W presentation (PREZI IS THE BEST)

Hey guys, this is our presentation in prezi form. Those who are interested, please go to

Sunday, 13 January 2013

T1 W1 Recap ( To be updated by House rep subsequently)

Dear S1-07,
To reinforce the responsibilities of Houses and House representatives, the sequence is as follows,

1)Black - Seraphina- Javelin
2) Blue - Bryan - Shot put
3) Green - Taufiq- Hurdles
4) Red - Ravern-Discus
5) Yellow - Kevyn- High Jump

Please make sure that all the houses are ready to lead their stretches in the next S&W session.
In the meantime, HOUSE REPS will need to POST 3 things in Keynote form
1) House stretches/warmup which last 5 mins ( For WHOLE BODY)
2) Do and Don'ts for Sports Safety
3) Do and Don'ts for _______ (depending on your house)
NOTE: Only 3 post PER HOUSE. So I will only see 15 post by end of W2 (18/1)
Feel free to email if in doubt.
Thank you