Sunday, 13 January 2013

T1 W1 Recap ( To be updated by House rep subsequently)

Dear S1-07,
To reinforce the responsibilities of Houses and House representatives, the sequence is as follows,

1)Black - Seraphina- Javelin
2) Blue - Bryan - Shot put
3) Green - Taufiq- Hurdles
4) Red - Ravern-Discus
5) Yellow - Kevyn- High Jump

Please make sure that all the houses are ready to lead their stretches in the next S&W session.
In the meantime, HOUSE REPS will need to POST 3 things in Keynote form
1) House stretches/warmup which last 5 mins ( For WHOLE BODY)
2) Do and Don'ts for Sports Safety
3) Do and Don'ts for _______ (depending on your house)
NOTE: Only 3 post PER HOUSE. So I will only see 15 post by end of W2 (18/1)
Feel free to email if in doubt.
Thank you