Monday, 4 February 2013

YHP's late reflection for S&W lesson on 31 Jan 2013

Hi Yellow House People(YHP), Victoria here... Sorry for the very very late post because blur Kevyn forgotten to post our house's reflection so I am going to do it now.
Question (1) What are your reflections for the S&W Lesson on 31 January?
Question (2) What are some of the things to take note during high jump?
Question (3) Why do you think we are doing high jump?

Thanks Yellow House People(YHP)
Signing Off
P.S No credits to Kevyn for this...


  1. Question 1
    I think that the S&W lesson was fun, except that we had to work more on our run(EG, try to lower our volume:Communication Skills)
    Question 2
    When we are doing the high jump, we always have to take note of the posture of our jumps and the safety precautions(Going through that next S&W Lesson)
    Question 3
    I think we are doing high jump to build up on our speed and the momentum of the jumps. This will apply to our STANDING BROAD JUMP in the NAPFA test.

  2. I have leant how to do a high jump and the safety measures when doing a high jump. I enjoyed the lesson. I also learnt what is my master foot and preferred foot.