Thursday, 14 February 2013

Reflection 14/02/2013

Black House people please comment your reflections below.


  1. I've learnt about Hurdles. The safety precautions, and how it is being done. Eg, your front leg must be straighten out, you have to jump from the right distance.

  2. I have learnt that while doing hurdles we should bend our knees then shoot out our leading leg. I have also learnt how to take safety precautions foe example we should ensure that the hurdle's "leg" should be facing us so that we will not trip even if the hurdle had to fall

  3. I have learnt that to cross hurdles, you should glide over the hurdle not jump over it.I also learnt that you should launch ourselves at a good distance from the hurdle so that you don't hit the hurdle with your legs.