Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yellow House Reflection for 21 Feb

Please do your reflections!
Questions to take note while doing your reflection:
1) What do you think of today's shot put activity?
2) What do you think are some of the things to take note when doing shot put?
3) What do you think you can improve on?
Pls remember to do the reflections!


  1. 1) I think that today's shot put activity helped us to improve our shot put technique.
    2) We should take note of everything as it takes everything to do the throw successfully, but we should take note of our footing before throwing.
    3) I think I can improve on everything that I did today, especially my transition of footing from the start to the time I throw the shot put.

  2. 1) I think it has helped us to point out what we can iprove on.
    2)I have to try to punch the shot put out at forehead level.
    3)I can improve on my throwing skills.

  3. 1) I think that it helped us by learning how we should throw a good shot put and improve in out techniques.
    2) We should take note on how we should position ourselves to have a good shot.
    3)I think i can improve on my elbow and and hand that should be parellel to the ground.